Monday, December 24, 2007

A wake up call....

I was talking to him yesterday. A veteran in the field of trade unions, a well known face among the old CPI(M) people and a core philanthropist. He is into his 60s .. I guess.
He was expressing shock and big concern over the present day corruption and governance and also pointing towards the apathy of the younger generation (he included me in that too…thanks to reminding me I am still young!).

His voice was feeble and hearing ability is limited. But when he described me the fight for the law that mandate all election contestants to declare their assets and way the law was won against the opposition of all elected members, his sound was strong and eyes were wide open and fist was hitting against the hand rest of his chair. I could see the enthusiasm that he showed at this age. I felt ashamed, he called me a young man and I am here sitting doing nothing about the state of my country. Even apprehensive and suppressing the enthusiastic feelings he is pouring on me.

He continued his lecture, with the hope that he will at least motivate me enough so that I will spread the awareness among my friends/colleagues. One thing he pointed out was very striking. If the situation is allowed to continue like this, that will hamper the growth of technology and development in this country and that will effect your growth. He anticipated that to happen in near future. The reports are showing that the black money floating in India is closer to or more than its annual budget. And the main source of black money is nothing but the government agencies. The money that is supposed to be used for different development projects are going into the black money market. He gave me enough examples.

I tried to do justice to the educated youth by show casing what ‘Lok Paritran’ is trying to do. He appreciated what they are trying. But he was not very happy the way they are trying to do things. He thought it is a localised effort. He said that if they(We-younger generation) can try cleansing the existing system, through existing parties/organisation, and hold the elected representative responsible, and make the floating population in cities like Bangalore to vote and elect the most eligible candidate, things will become brighter.

He encouraged me, at least to go and get my name enrolled in voters list and make at least a few of my friends to do the same. As stretch goal, he invited me and my friends to take part in different forums where social and political issues are discussed. To motivated educated youth, he talked about a few office bearers of these forum who are present or ex professors and alumni of prestigious institutes like IIMs., IITs , and professionals like Doctors etc.

Still I am apprehensive. I am sure I am interested in development of country. I am interested in well being of my people. But to take any action (!) …..sorry I would like to do everything in an intellectual play ground. I don’t want to get into the actual play ground. I would give ideas; I know what to do ….but I can’t get into dirt. And you know I am too busy….writing gossiping on orkut and spending Friday nights in the busiest pubs and rest of the time estimating how many months it takes for a week’s job given at office!

Really I am ashamed of myself….


Anonymous said...

hmmm ... the same pangs that many of the 'youth' (or 'used to be youth') goes thro atleast once! its usually forgotten in a few days ... citing the same reasons u mentioned ... unless u r a certain guy sitting in sagar :-)

btw ... ur writing is improving with every blog ... looking fwd for the next one

Preetha Nair said...
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Preetha Nair said...

many of us do fly the kite that almost goes half way through the heaven!!!!

dkk said...

The more I knew people, I realize that at some point in their lives they think about the purpose of their being. For some, it is early and for some others it is towards the end of their lives. For some, it is marked by remarkable incidents or illnesses but for most it is the comfort of the mundane life which make them think so.
I am pretty disappointed by the conclusions you reached following your 'awakening'. Unfortunately, for the similar reasons you cited, people tend to ignore the importance of these singular moments happening in life.
In your case, if you think you can contribute intellectually, then DO IT. The universal cycle of transformation begin from clear thinking with purpose. Make a mission to bring technology to the masses. Think positively of what you can contribute rather than worrying about the current situation or the possible darkness out there.



ജിഹേഷ്/ഏടാകൂടം said...

"estimating how many months it takes for a week’s job given at office!" ആ പറഞ്ഞത് മാത്രം സത്യം :)

RK's said...

Thank you all for ur inputs!
Deepak, thanks a lot for pointing towards be positive attitude. Or do something than cribbing and doing nothing:) .

Anonymous said...
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