Monday, December 24, 2007

When Life Dries Out...!

What to do with rest of your life! No.., not the book by Robin Ryan, but in actual life many should have faced this problem. There are instance when you have your life asking back for direction. The life which was flowing till then had suddenly stopped flowing.., it is dried out!

I never thought such a situation can happen to me. I had ridiculed westerners turning to spirituality. When you have nothing to do in life or you don’t know what to do, your mind becomes the worst enemy. It keeps on pestering you.

It was after my sister’s marriage, I was struck by such situation. There seems to be nothing to do in life. Though I am doing things, going to office and busy doing things mechanically, it was not having any direction. At the end of the day there are no accomplishments. There is no measurement unit which can be used to tell the day was fruitful. Lacking of a goal reduced my interest in everything. I was becoming more and more lazy.

Mind always wants a direction. Else it keeps on wandering on different things.
There should be always goals in life, else the life is tough! Else you become lazy and mechanical. There is no zeal or enthusiasm to live. Your creativity and thinking power vanish and are replaced with gossiping and emotions. You behave more like an animal, having only emotions, desires and no creative thinking or principles.

And when you are capable of realising what is happening to you and realise the reason, it becomes more painful. There is a deep desire to escape from that black hole, but not enough motivation to reach escape velocity. It is a long struggle and last until you set your mind to next goal which your mind accepts! …And I am struggling….


Anonymous said...

hmmm ... isnt this the usual problem with the super achievers ... its always best to stay as #2 so that u can always look ahead!

Preetha Nair said...

That desperate thought to escape....
buddy I guess too many people are walking around with the same thought I guess....

Rajeev said...

very true... aimlessness is indeed a challenge..

ithengane tackle cheyyum ?? keep searching for the next bigger challenge !!!